About Shari

A traveler at heart.

Getting my palm read at a marketplace in Vietnam.

When I was little my favorite game was to close my eyes, spin my mother’s world globe and place my finger. Then I would go wherever my finger landed, bandana wrapped around my prized possessions and teddy in hand, much to the surprise of my parents.

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Salmon fishing off the coast of Whidbey

Since then my desire to learn new people and places has led me all over the country and the world, writing about it along the way. I know what draws people to the places they go because I got drawn in, into France, into Belize, into Vietnam, and ultimately into the Pacific Northwest. Of all the places I’ve lived, from central South Korea to New Orleans, there’s no place I’d rather sink my roots.

Knowing how to get travelers through the door.

It’s because of my travel-itchiness that I know what travel-ready  families are looking for and just how precious those travel budget dollars are to them. Whether you’re trying to attract digital nomads for a long-term stay or entire families to celebrate milestones at your five star restaurant, I can help you reel them in and get more bookings. I can show them in words, how your service will make their trip more easy, more fun, more affordable, and more essential to their stay in the place we get to call home.

Not sure? Got some questions? No sweat. A phone call with me is free and I don’t bite (unless you’ve got oysters)! Let’s talk about your business, what you’re after, and see if we fit.

You can connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or connect with me here.

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