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Vietnam III: Hue

On our first day in Hue we were collected from the train station, bags and all, and put on motorbikes to tour the area by the Hue Riders. We were led by Bill, who cussed and laughed a lot and told us stories about his time working as a translator for the American Marines during the… Continue reading Vietnam III: Hue

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Vietnam II: Ha Long Bay

We had a long list of places to see before Vietnam was finished but Ha Long Bay was number 1 on my bucket list. We used BC Family Tours for this two day overnight leg of our trip. (Note: We were not exactly on time to be picked up by our tour bus so they left… Continue reading Vietnam II: Ha Long Bay

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Before I give you the rest

The last time I wrote about losing someone it took nearly a year to get it on the page, and I hardly wrote anything else during that time. I've lost someone again, but I can't wait a year to write this time. In fact the people I have lost would entreat me not to. So before… Continue reading Before I give you the rest

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A note before beginning: This trip's itinerary was  planned and organized by my travel buddies, Linh and Chantal. We took the north to south route starting in Hanoi and ending in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I've heard repeatedly that that is the best way to do Vietnam since it gets progressively warmer as you head… Continue reading VIETNAM I: HANOI

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Dangerous Chai

This morning I brought a can of Trader Joe's chai tea latte mix into school to try and finish off with my colleagues. It's Lucy's last day at Namcheon and I wanted to share it with her particularly. The last time I brought something in, it was the candied ginger my mom sent for Christmas. It… Continue reading Dangerous Chai

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Yuk Gae Jang 육개장

During my seventh day of winter camp Mr. Jo came in and invited me to have lunch with the rest of the staff keeping the school running during the winter vacation. "You know yukgaejang?" he asks. "Gamjatang?" I ask quizzically. This is like me saying to a Swede "have you had American beef stew?" and… Continue reading Yuk Gae Jang 육개장


Homesick in 2015

THIS MORNING, sometime between the hours of three and five AM, I opened my laptop to Skype home because I couldn't sleep. Mom said the drought in Lake County has abated but the rain won't stop. She said it's cold and that a new grey tabby likes to sit outside the kitchen window and watch her putter.… Continue reading Homesick in 2015