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Morning Commute to Geum Seong

TWICE A WEEK I TAKE an infrequent bus to the outskirts of Jecheon to a little neighborhood called Geum Seong. Sometimes I leave early enough to buy fruit or yogurt for breakfast from my corner grocery where the bus scoops me up in a cloud of diesel fumes. Today, the grocer scans my water bottle with his… Continue reading Morning Commute to Geum Seong

Asia, Guinsa, South Korea

Guinsa – 구인사

I WISHED WE HAD a guide for this trip because Guinsa was mysterious and we couldn't read any of the Chinese inscriptions beneath gargoyles or in front of important entrances or at the burial mound of the temple's founder. Neither MJ nor myself read anything on Guinsa before we took the bumpy bus ride out of town toward the… Continue reading Guinsa – 구인사

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

ON THE DAY I schedule kite making for my summer camp kids it’s pouring. During a break in the showers we hurry outside to see if we can catch a breeze.       The last time I flew a kite I was maybe a little older than some of my students. I was at the… Continue reading Let’s Go Fly a Kite